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My Services


Each person who comes to see me will be treated with warmth and kindness.  I use an eclectic mix of different forms of therapy including CBT, DBT, ACT, and psychodrama to tailor treatment based on your needs.  We can have sessions that are based on psychoeducation where you learn skills that help you though hard times.  We can also build sessions based on me listening to you and validating what you are going through.  We will work as a team to find out the best options for you so that you feel comfortable, safe, and productive.


I call this "relationship therapy" rather than "couples therapy" because loving partners can come in all forms.  Relationship therapy is the heart of my practice and has been my passion since I started in my field.  Many of us simply have not been able to learn how to communicate effectively because we never witnessed effective communication when growing up.  This is not a flaw, it is simply a skill that has not been acquired yet.  I enjoy working with relationships of all kinds, particularly queer couples and those who have "alternative" lifestyles.  You will always feel welcome and heard in my office, and never judged.  


Family therapy offers a unique and positive venue to work on issues and difficulties that can pop up for families of all kinds.  We learn how to be in relationships from our family, and often working on healing wounds can allow us to move forward in ways that make all aspects of our life better.  I enjoy working with families and focusing on specific needs and altering forms of communication.  After just a few sessions, and some work at home, you will very likely find a major difference in how you feel about yourself and your family members.  Included in family therapy is parent coaching, a topic I have been researching and practicing for over 8 years.  Parents can find new ways to encourage their children, work on finding "positive opposites," and setting much needed limits.  


Adolescents and teens are not just small adults, they each have their own important needs.  I have worked with kids for many years and find that many respond well to my casual and gentle demeanor.  I often use a sense of humor that keeps young people engaged and feeling comfortable opening up. Some of my specializations in work with youth are issues related to anxiety, anger, depression, and gender and sexuality.

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